Beer Design:


Since I've turned 21, I have set out on a quest to try many of the craft beers that are out in the world. One thing  I have learned in my first year of being legally able to drink is that:
There are many different types of beer, and each has their own identity

And I also learned that Alcohol is expensive...  

When studying how people shop at the liquor store in the craft beer section,

I noticed that people were drawn to the cans that were the most eye-catching. 
People would pick up these cans before they even knew the flavor


Elements needed on all beer:

- Government Warning

• "(1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems."

- Barcode

- Nutrition Label(s)

• FDA Requirement on anything that will be on store shelves


Concept Development


NOTE: Alongside the sketches above, I used additional sketches (Not Pictured) 
to effectively create the new imaging, following the first round of feedback that I received.