Thesis Topic:


The life of the Modern Athlete is not as glamorous as it is made out to be

- There are many obstacles that an athlete may face throughout the course of their careers, no matter the sport, that may alter the course of their careers. 

• Injuries

• Illnesses

• Media

• Life Events / Other Challenges



The ultimate theme that I took from my thesis was that no matter the sport, no matter the athlete, no road to the world of professional sports is the same... Which inspired my thesis exhibition. 





- Wheaties has been around since 1921

- "The Breakfast of Champions"

- "You Better Eat Your Wheaties"

- Showcases star athletes on front

- Past Spokespeople:

• Bob Richards (1958)

• Bruce Jenner (1977)

• Mary Lou Retton (1984)

• Walter Peyton (1986)

• Chris Evert (1987)

• Michael Jordan (1988)

• Tiger Woods (1998) 




Marketing efforts to push kids to eat the cereal to be like their idols that they watch on the field. 




High Value Collectibles Include:

- Trading Cards

- Comic Books

- Action Figures / Toys

- Bobble Heads


- Every card has some sort

 of value to it.

- More Rare = More Expensive

- Limited Edition = $$$

- Popular Culture




Exhibitions Utilizing 3-Dimensional Pieces:

Andy Warhol:

- Cookie jars

- Set of 175 jars

- All different

Grounds for Sculpture:

- Over 300 contemporary sculptures of all sizes

- Meant to be Interacted with

Concept Development

NOTE: Alongside the sketches above, I used additional sketches (Not Pictured) 
to effectively create the new imaging, following the first round of feedback that I received.

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