Montclair State University

The Department of Campus Recreation (Years Worked: 2016-2020)



The Campus Recreation logo, designed by one of the designers on marketing the team, was the face of the Campus Recreation branding. 


I created these footers during the Summer of 2019 in an effort to create a clear identity for each area within the Department of Campus Recreation, while also keeping the overall brand consistent.  These were used on all (individual area) posters and flyers during the 2019-2020 academic year, and will continued to be used for years to come.

Showcase Projects:


2020 Swim Lessons Poster

Social Media Graphics (Made for Instagram)

2020 Karaoke Event Poster

2019 Fall Hiking Trip Poster

2019 Committee Shirt Logo for Aquatics Area

2020 Week of Dinosaur Themed Events Logo

2019 Club E-Sports Logo

2018 Training Week Shirt Logo

2019 Training Week Shirt Logo

2019 RecBoard Shirt Logo

Logos / T-Shirt Graphics

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