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Album Art


Key Characteristics: 

1. Over the top imagery

2. Tells stories through visuals

3. Band name stands out

4. Colors pop off each other


My Favorite Covers: 


Ride the Lightning - Metallica
















































The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell - Five Finger Death Punch






























The Silver Scream - Ice Nine Kills



































Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses

















































Atonement - Killswitch Engage



Demonic Possession



Being overtaken by a being who has never walked this earth

- Manipulative entities

- Makes affected people act how they would not otherwise

Key Elements:

1. Voice Change

-Speaking fluently in languages that one is not originally fluent in (i.e. Latin)

2. Body Contortions

- Bones breaking, abnormal body movements

3. Catholic Mockery / Intolerance

- References to bible

- Self inflicted Stigmata

• In references to the holes in Jesus Christ's hands after
his crucifixion.  

- Not being able to look at holy relics or listen to religious topics

- Body markings and other abnormal manifestations

• The number 6 (Reference to satan)

• Upside Down Cross appearing on person or area near affected         person. 

• Scratches and other forms of physical harm

- Only way to rid demon from its host is through the practice of exorcism       which can only be done by properly trained priests.

Good Resources:

Demon House (2018)



















Anneliese Michel (Actual audio files from exorcism)




Good vs Bad:

- Witchcraft can be used for good:

- Healing

- Luck

- Cleansing of bad spirits or energy

- Witchcraft can be used for bad:

- Curses

- Death

- Tormenting Others

• i.e. Voodoo Doll


- Witchcraft can include offerings such as:

- Blood

- Sacrifice

- Personal Belongings


- Opening up yourself to this kind of activity can open doors to 

- Spiritual Attachments / Demonic Possessions

- Physical and Mental Health Issues


- Because witchcraft was not accepted in the eyes of the public in old times, especially in the church where it was punishable by death to practice magic, practitioners would go into the woods to practice their craft so that they would not be seen.   

Good Resource:

The Witch (2015)

ride the lightning.jpeg
Silver Scream.jpg

Reasons I Like This Cover:

1. The color pallet

2. Over the top, very "metal" illustrations

3. The sense of depth in the image

Reasons I Like This Cover:

1. Heavy on illustrations

2. Very "comic book" like

3. Band logo is blended with image nicely

Reasons I Like This Cover:

1. The color pallet

2. Simple, yet impactful imaging

3. Based on the song that the album is named after

-Ride the Lightning is in reference to the electric chair.

Reasons I Like This Cover:

1. References to horror movies

- Has old horror movie poster look

2. Collage-like imaging

3. Chaotic yet organized (hierarchy-wise) with the information

Reasons I Like This Cover:

1. The visuals stand out

- The skulls resemble the band members

- Hierarchy of illustrations feels balanced

2. The color pallet

3. Typography


Concept Development


NOTE: Alongside the sketches above, I used additional sketches (Not Pictured) 
to effectively create the new imaging, following the first round of feedback that I received.

Artboard 1 copy.jpg